Unusual Property Appraisals

house appraisal

Appraisers often encounter unusual property characteristics that make completion of the appraisal more challenging. Many of these are houses that are suffering from neglect to such an extent that they may not be marketable.

Other challenges are presented to the appraiser because of a unique home design, a functional deficiency due to a poor floor plan, or a house with historic qualities.

Home appraisals that involve addressing exceptional characteristics can become quite complex for the appraiser, and they may require a greater expertise on the part of the appraiser. It is always incumbent upon the real estate appraiser to recognize when they are lacking the knowledge or experience to complete a home appraisal; and either take appropriate steps to acquire the competency needed for the appraisal, or to withdraw from the assignment.

This page provides a list of some interesting properties we have appraised with links to a description and pictures of the home appraisal. Although unusual properties present challenges to the appraiser, they are one of the reasons real estate appraisal is an interesting profession.

Geodesic Dome House – 5311 Hill Drive, Henrico, VA
Historic Residence and Visitor Center – 173 Main Street, Warrenton, VA
1929 Stone Residence with Conservatory Guest House – 207 Wood Road, Henrico, VA
Historic Residence – 2 North 5th Street, Richmond, VA