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Home Appraisals for Buyers and Sellers

One of our home appraisal specialties is assisting buyers, sellers, and real estate brokers estimate price before a real estate contract has been signed. When markets are changing it becomes difficult to make a price determination – even for an experienced real estate broker. A qualified appraiser monitors market trends, supply and demand variables, and the direction real estate is taking.

Homes with unusual characteristics also present challenges. For example, a unique design or exceptional quality can make it difficult to identify the market’s reaction to these characteristics. A competent real estate appraiser can address this difficulty.

The pre-listing appraisal removes the homeowner’s fear of selling too cheap and losing money. Plus, a reliable appraisal will help avert the over-priced listing that just sits on the market.

The pre-purchase appraisal helps a buyer to make an offer with confidence. Too low of an offer leads to a missed opportunity to own the property (and offend the seller unnecessarily). And of course no one likes the awful feeling of having overpaid for a property. Again, a qualified appraiser can bring clarity and confidence to the real estate negotiation.

If you are a real estate agent, an independent home appraisal will enhance the value of your client services.

Message to Homeowners:

When we appraise your residence, we view it as a home rather than as a “house.”

The place where each of us lives is special to us in many ways. At Central Virginia Appraisal Service we respect that special attachment that people have to their residence, whether they think of it as “home”, “castle”, or “human habitat.”

When we view your home as part of an appraisal, you can expect us to accord it the same respect that we do its owner.

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